Laparoscopy is remained the modality of choice for the surgical management anddiagnosis of undescended testis which can be achieved 100% accurate. Atrophic testis should be removed in laparoscope , finally laparoscopy become the methode of choice for diagnosis as well instead of costly investigation like MRI and computer tomography and also prevent unnecessary laparotomy and inguinal exploration[29,30,31].

Complications rarely is reported in diagnostic laparoscopy as the interior wall of the abdomen in children is thinner comparing with adults and this is why the complication is higher in children especially when an un appropriate Veress needle is used , the intestines and vessels might be damaged during insufflations or during the insertion of needle.This is why the complication rarely occurs in patients, no damages have been observed by us how ever leakage CO2 in quite in a few cases to preperitoneal and changing in direction of the needle and formed an appropriate pneumoperitoneum has been reported[16,19.24]. In order to prevent this complication , Hasson method is required and those who had previouse abdominal surgeries but for other cases where is no scar and the risk of the complication is low.